4 A.M. - Paul Cupido

“Moon woke me up
nine times
— still just 4 a.m.”

haiku by Matsuo Bashō

Artist: Paul Cupido
Project: 4 A.M.
Self-published book

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This haiku from Bashō forms the central idea of the book and exhibition 4 a.m.

The book is an experience, a journey at 4 a.m., the zone in which the boundaries between the physical and spiritual realms are nearly non-existent. Or more simple: the moment in which the dream world and the real world are overlapping.

Haiku is often described as "capturing the heart of emotion in its purest form" (Yamata). To me, "Moon woke me up" encapsulates something profound. It encapsulates a lived instant. With 4 a.m., I intuitively used haiku to capture the essence of a scene, an emotion, in its simplest form.

© Paul Cupido

curator : Ecaterina Rusu


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