'18 h, le soir en été.' - Faustine Martin

She captures, with a soft and solar light, the story of the comforting warmth found in holiday memories. «18 h, le soir en été.» is the saudade, that joyful melancholy.

It’s that relief after the numbness of a hot summer’s day. It’s yesterday, or ten years ago. It’s the subliminal images provoked by a familiar scent. It’s a shiver.

artist: Faustine Martin

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This book is the culmination of several years of photographs, taken in everyday life, which all lead to the same feeling of harmony and fullness.

The story moves around two characters, barely suggested, like an ephemeral presence, who throughout the book accompany us in the reminiscence of this whirlwind of life.

editor : Ecaterina Rusu

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